Another, Less Painful Option? Try it?



Hey guys,

I thought I could share with you some different, less painful options for self harm. Self harm is stereotypically associated with cutting, however it includes anything that you do to harm yourself in some way. This could be cutting, binging, starving, purging, punching, burning, bruising, alcohol binging, etc. There are ways in which you can take something out on yourself, but in a less damaging way, and this is what I will talk about today. 

Some of these things are less painful than others, however for example with cutting; they won’t leave a visible scar that will haunt you of this hard period of your life, forever. Instead, I hope to swap your harmful ideas with a less scarring way of hurting yourself. Here are some options you could try out as a substitute:

  • Tear up magazines/paper- it is the power of the ripping sensation that you want.
  • Exercise- this releases endorphins and hormones that make you feel good, for e.g. serotonin. 
  • Write your feelings on paper and then burn it- this will calm your mind.
  • Snap a rubber band or hairband across your wrist- it gives the same sting as cutting, but no permeant scar is left.
  • Squeeze the bristles of a hairbrush onto the palm of your hand.
  • Write words on yourself in biro or pen.
  • Take part in The Butterfly Project- This is where you draw a butterfly on places on your body and write a name of someone you care about, if you self harm, you destroy the butterfly. Research it.
  • Use a blade and cut the hell out of paper- rip it up with your blade. 
  • Hold ice in your hands.
  • Run your hands under freezing cold water.
  • Clap your hands until it stings.
  • Wax your legs?
  • Splash yourself with cold water or take a cold bath.
  • Put PVA glue on your hands and peel it off when it dries.
  • Crumple up paper into balls and throw it into a trashcan.

So this was my Alternatives For Self Harm- I hope you get some ideas from this, I know I’ve used some of these methods a few times. Come to reading this back, it seems a bit boring and pointless.. but oh well. 


Charlotte xxx



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