Monsters Don’t Sleep Under Your Bed, They Sleep Inside Your Head..



I’m new to the whole blogging experience so don’t judge me;)
I made this blog to express my feelings in a way that I can’t put in words as I speak. My name is Charlotte and I’m a typical teenager many would think. I’ll keep it short and sweet.. well sweet wouldn’t be the word. Anyway, I’m your average girl; makeup, shopping etc being my thing. However I am bombarded with the visits of familiar illness’s every day of my life for the past year and a half. Now you’re probably thinking ‘well what the hell is she going on about..’ am i right? WELL, I have been diagnosed with clinical depression, paranoia and anxiety. This is an unfortunate combination as I’m constantly struggling with the inner conflict I live with. Some sufferers call it their ‘secret family’ where theses illness disorders are named. Depression being called Deb, Paranoia being called Perry and Anxiety being called Annie.

These blogs that I will do will simply cover the main aspects of my life and you’ll be able to follow me through my journey of recovery. They will also let you know about my past and what has led me up to being the person I have become.

Thanks for reading!
See you soon;)
Love Charlotte x


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